HoME Barcelona Modern Ensemble – Project House.Music.Europe


15 october 2023

What we mean by home? How our experiences and emotions associated with the concept of home have changed over time? What are the challenges that we must confront to currently build our own home at a social, economic, cultural and familiar level? How our neighbourhoods and our cities have been transformed over the last decades? In this multidisciplinar concert we will attend the premiere of various pieces co-created by 4 artistic teams from different countries (Austria, Spain, Hungary and Serbia) concerning the concept of home and the questions we have just asked now. This is about the culmination of a European project (House Music Europe – HoME) that started in 2021 and has collected stories and opinions of numerous people,to reflect on this subject integrating them into a process of artistic creation.



More info about the Project House.Music.Europehttps://housemusiceurope.eu/



Concert n.21: Barcelona Modern Ensemble – Project House.Music.Europe – Interdisciplinary concert co-created by 12  emerging artists from Austria, Spain, Hungary and Serbia.

This concert represents the culmination of the final phase of House Music Europe Project. Interdisciplinary works by:


  • Franciska Ery – Theatre director.
  • Ábris Gryllus – Interdisciplinary artist.
  • Bálint Bolcsó – Composer.


  • Jug Marković  – Composer.
  • Branislav Jovancevic – Composer.
  • Dunja Crnjanski – Pianist and performer.


  • Marco Döttlinger – Composer.
  • Conny Zenk – Video artist and visual composer.
  • Eva Maria Schaller – Choreographer and dancer.

Spain: M

  • Carlos Nuñez Medina – Composer.
  • Julio Cesar Palacio – Composer and sound artist.
  • Ricardo Castro  Arceiz – Interdisciplinary performer.


MCommissioned by Mixtur

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