The HoMEHouse.Music.Europe project combines music and other art forms as well as a social and technical research. Its center piece is a portable installation (made from a horse carrier!!!) collecting, processing and sonifying data. This strange and unique work will soon be on its way and show itself in each of the countries involved in the project (Spain, Serbia, Austria and Hungary). We are constantly reporting on the roadfollow where the installation is going! 

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HoME tour – the installation is on the road

Our traveling installation, converted from a horse carrier, has left on its European tour (In this photo, we captured the last moment before departure...)  In the upcoming weeks you may see our team in Spain, Serbia, Austria or Hungary - let's meet us in any of the...

Austrian tour

Austrian tour

In a few frames about how the moving HoME studio recently travelled around Neusiedler See and collected soundscapes.   Follow the project on the website! More news